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Claim Income Tax Reliefs & Tax Refund|DNS Accountants

Tax Relief is a reduction in the amount of a tax that an individual or company is liable to pay. Tax relief applies to charity […]

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Employee tax code calculator

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How Does Emergency Tax Code Works?

The emergency tax code is a kind of temporary code for an individual who pays tax on all income above the personal allowance (for the […]

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Introduction To Pension Lifetime Allowance-Tax Charge|DNS Accountance

A Lifetime allowance is a limit or maximum value of pension benefit that an individual can draw from all the registered pension schemes without paying […]

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How To Pay Your Council Tax?-Bands & Charges 2018/19|DNS Accountants

Council tax was introduced by the local authorities on domestic properties and the money earned through council tax goes towards local services. Find out if […]

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What is Foster Carers Tax Allowance?

What is foster carers tax allowance and how it works? Here you need to know everything regarding foster carers on DNS Accountants which provides includes […]

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Tax Implications In UK-If You Start Living In UK|DNS Accountants

Find out whether you are considered as UK resident or not. You have to pay taxes on your income if you come to live in […]

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corporation tax on business assets

A limited company of the United Kingdom is liable to pay corporation tax on earning made on when you sell or disposing of business assets.  […]

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Liquidation & Winding Up A Company-What Does It mean?|DNS Accountants

Winding-up is the first stage of closing a company and once all the assets of the company are sold, all the creditors are dealt with,the […]

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What are landfill tax rates?

Landfill tax rates: Landfill tax petitions to all sorts of waste and is defined by Notice LFT1 A as to what counts as worthless. Tax […]

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Download NHS Self Certification Form-What is it?|DNS Accountants

If an employee is injured or ill for more than three days to a maximum of seven days, download and learn how to process self-certification […]

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