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Additionally, it helps that Wei Su, one of the producers at NetEase directing the work on Eve Echoes, is an EVE Online veteran himself with over a decade of playing experience in Eve Echoes. Facilitating and creating open lines of communications between the players and developers has always been a part of CCP's strategy for developing EVE Online, so it makes sense to exist going to the beta for Eve Echoes. A truth about EVE Online is that it needs a copious amount of clicking dull menu navigation and the display around to do pretty much anything in Eve Echoes. For many EVE gamers, the freedom is part of the fun and justifies the effort that those complex game tools provide.

However, in the world of gambling, an menu system is toxin. Among the largest challenges was developing a version of EVE Online's UI which works for tablets and phones. Talking through a translator with Wei Su, he highlighted how essential it was to make the most of their flexibility touchscreens provide for distance navigation and controlling the camera whilst simplifying the repetitive processes in EVE -- to do so without sacrificing the depth that gives EVE players the liberty to customize everything just perfect.

Dependent on the participant feedback that CCP reported at the conference and from the experiences of this EVE faithful in attendance, it sure sounds like Eve Echoes is striking the right balance between keeping the authenticity that EVE players need without creating Eve Echoes too complex for new players to grasp. A full in-game tutorial was not available in the construct I test played. However, I did stumble upon some tutorial slides while perusing different menus, and that I immediately appreciated that this wasn't likely to be Eve Echoes in which your first few hours are spent going through a tutorial that is heavily scripted.

The beta is going to be a great chance to see if this compromised scheme is authentic enough to entice the players to play on mobile, and whether it's accessible enough for more casual mobile players to give it a chance. EVE Online operates on a free-to-play version that lets anyone log in and explore the EVE world as an Alpha clone. This lets you explore the entire EVE universe but limits spaceships and the available skills out there. For the entire EVE expertise, you need to register for a monthly subscription which updates your personality to a Omega clone and grants you more freedom to develop your abilities tree and pilot a broader assortment of ships based on your character race and affiliations.

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