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It's a co-op game about teamwork

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It's a co-op game about teamwork. You may just do one thing at a time: Reduce food, wash dishes, move plates or food around, put food on the stove, assemble dishes . To be effective you need to talk about jobs, however, the game throws wrenches in the gears, so you have ta switch jobs quickly. You want to make dishes in accordance with a timer and meals can burnoff, causing fire to propagate through the kitchen, so a lot is time based, adding a lot of stress.

. Idk if that's my cup of java hahah. I nearly did not purchase the pikman game since I saw it was"timed" but ended up putting it anyway. Definitely less intensely timed as this game sounds though lol

Ohh no, Pikmin is fairly cool, occasionally moderate anxiety levels when there are boss fights or a number of your guys are still out while coming sundown but nothing too bad really. Overcooked is frantic but if you do not mind that type of thing it's a very fun sport. arghh! And the fires are all around the kitchen

It'd be cool if you could draw enderman with bball equipment or something

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