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Madden NFL 21's announcement throughout the inner Xbox event in early May left several lovers curious for more information. Its subsequent reveal through the EA Play occasion of last week tantalized with teases. Now, a new set of Madden NFL 21 screenshots are showcasing just how far the game is moving forward visually.

Regardless, it is a fantastic improvement and brings a new layer of quality to the visuals that was absent earlier. In two distinct screenshots, both of the Green Bay Packers, raytraced reflections can be seen on the gamers' newly polished helmets. In a single stunning screenshot, Lambeau Field could be understood in sudden clarity reflected off the trunk of Davonte Adams' yellow, green, and white helmet.

To be fair, the extent of the beam tracing being used in such screenshots, let alone the entirety of Madden NFL 21 isn't known. If anything, it is probably severely restricted. It may not be ray tracing. The helmet reflections may not be a true reflection, but rather a approximation using a Lambeau Field texture. There certainly does not appear to be any fans, players, team personnel, officials, or anything else at the manifestation. It's only an empty area with noise around where the fans are.

One appears to be Adams doing a celebration, maybe even going to get a Lambeau Leap, and another reveals the Packers coming onto the field from the tube. Neither are game sequences that are live. In reality, screenshots in the set that do appear to reveal gameplay do not seem to have raytraced reflections. They have some lively lighting.

Suffice to say Madden NFL 21 uses ray tracing, incuding whether it is beam tracing at all, remains to be detailed. With only a year to iterate on the past year's Madden, no one's expecting cutting edge graphics improvements, but some little ray tracing additions would certainly be welcome. Ray tracing will be an intriguing graphics feature to pay attention to as another generation of consoles arrives. Ray tracing was used by not a lot of games, with the first wave of PS5 game statements of Sony now having been created. And in a restricted fashion, ray tracing was used of those. After ray tracing was touted as a significant improvement in 2019, so far it hasn't made a splash. Maybe it needs more time for developers to understand how to utilize it efficiently.

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