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Faheem Ali

Faheem Ali

Health & Beauty
1530 Noyac Path #105-C5H2N
New York, new-york
1530 Noyac Path #105-C5H2N
New York, new-york 10033
Mon – Sat 8am – 9pm
Health service , madicale store, parhmecy ,doctor.,

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Physical fitness refers to good body health. It is dependent on genetic determinators and also on social, economic and ecological factors. That means, one's genes are partly responsible for one's physical health, but also other circumstances: where you live, how clean or polluted your water and the air around you is and also how good your social and medical system is. It is also the result of regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and proper rest for physical recovery. A physically fit person usually has a normal weight for their height. The relation between their height and weight is called their Body Mass Index. A taller person can be heavier and still be fit. If a person is too heavy or too thin for their height it may affect their health.

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